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Strategy Development

MADA’s consultants work in conjunction with your organization’s top management and key players to develop your organization's Vision, Mission, and Core Values. By performing a SWOT analysis assessing the current situation, MADA’s Experts define the Gap between your organization’s current and required performance and behavior, and hence identify your Strategy and Strategic Objectives.

Business process Development


Business Process is the workflow between different entities within the organization. By Optimizing, Managing, and improving your business processes, controls and reporting system, you would ensure a vast improvement in the efficiency and quality of the products/services delivered to your customer - with the minimal interference of the top management.

iT Infrastructure and Automation 

MADA IT develops smart solution for your organization by understanding your business need analyzing technical requirements, designing & implementing a proper infrastructure, developing & administrating automated systems required for Management Services (HR Systems, ERP Systems, Finance Systems, Archiving Systems..etc). Besides, MADA will assist in developing & implementing IT policies and procedures, managing your IT assets & inventory, and developing & implementing the IT process for purchasing & upgrading.

Human System Development

People are the organization's most values asset. MADA's HR consultants enable you to capitalize on your people through establishing the system for Selecting, Managing, Developing, and Retaining a qualified consistent team of employees.

Financial System Development


In order to perform with the highest efficiency, profitability, and less risk, MADA establishes the highest quality Financial System, Polices and Procedures that best fits your business requirements.

Financial Systems and other controls, such as Business Process and Human Resource Management, can be implemented independently of one another or in conjunction, since some procedures and records are interrelated.