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Total Quality


            TQM is the way of managing for the future, and is far wider in its application than just assuring product or

            service quality – it is a way of managing people, systems and business processes to ensure complete customer

            satisfaction at every stage, internally and externally. TQM, combined with effective leadership, results in an

            organization doing the right things right, first time.


Human Resources Development


         The challenge of the Human Resources Management is that it is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people. MADA HR

         experts help you manage and deploy the HR Policies and Procedures triggering a culture change that shall serve and better achieve your

         organizational strategic imperatives. HR Functions regarded as a comprehensive package or selectively.


           - HR Assessment

           - Organization Structure and HR Planning

         - Job Analysis, Profiling and Job Descriptions
         - Recruitment, Selection and Hiring Process, and the End of Employment Procedures.
         -Training, Development and Talent Management
           - Performance Management
Compensation and Benefits
Employee Satisfaction Management and Motivation Programs






             In order to provide your people with the knowledge and skills necessary for a more efficient performance, MADA provides a wide range of training

             programs that are customized to meet your organization's requirements and business needs.

          Training Programs cover a variety of business-related topics including:

               - Personnel Skills Development
               - Customer Care
               - Human Resource Management
               - Leadership and Management Skills



In order to maintain a team of skillful employees and to avoid prolonged gaps in your organization caused by high turnover rates, MADA’s comprehensive database, various sourcing channels and efficient nomination process offer a vast improvement in the quality, cost and speed of the hiring process.


 Employee Outsourcing

In order to reduce your headcount and administration costs, MADA offer Staff Outsourcing where your employee shall be on our payroll, but assigned to your job and performing under your directions and management. You should not worry about Income Taxes management, Social Insurance, Medical/Life Insurance management, and so forth.


Finance & Accounting



               MADA ensures a financial operation with the utmost precision, punctuality, and confidentiality allowing top management to well see their business

               opportunities and allow for supported decision making. Finance and Accounting services offered in the functions:

                       - General Accounting

                       -  Accounts Receivables

                       - Accounts Payables

                       - Treasury and Cash Management

                       -  Financial Helpdesk

                       - Providing Customers and Suppliers' Statements

                       - Financial Performance Reporting

                      - Payroll processing

Information Technology



 - IT Helpdesk: providing Professional End-User Support according to agreed SLA, handling calls through ticketing system, extracting reports and analysis to

   improve IT performance and users' knowledge.

- System Administration: administering your domains, servers, users, privileges, security, mail boxes, user accounts, quotas, backup & restore.


- Network Administration: administering Network stability and performance, Network usage analysis, handling with ISPs "Internet Service Providers" and setting

  Internet security.

- Database administration: managing and administering software applications and databases, monitoring data entry, developing and extracting system reports,

  keeping high performance of database & applications activities.